This variant of Landforce Rotary Tiller is suitable for loose soil and thus is very much compatible with low HP tractors. It is very useful and effective for puddling (paddy/rice field preparation with water) It’s less weight is strength of the product that allows the rotary tiller to move in loose soil with low HP tractor easily

Renati Rotavator

few features
Of rotary Tiller

Plus Performance

Performs well in every type of soil whether wet or dry. Mixes the remains of the previous harvest in the soil, which fertilizes the farm. It is very helpful in Sugarcane, Banana, Vegetables and Rice farms..​


More fuel efficient and preserves the moisture in the soil. The Durability of parts used in the roavators ensure the long life of machine The Design of rotavators gives boost to its performance in different hard conditions


It prepares the field for seeding in first go only. Its gear makes it more robust and powerful than conventional chain Rotavators. Saves more time and Prevents the tractor from wear and tear.

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