RBC 200


The Rbc200 is a self-feeding gasoline engine or electric powered wood chipper that features a large 9″ x 6″ infeed opening and can handle material up to 3″ in diameter. Weighing in at 340 lbs. This drum style chipper is equipped with a professional grade 3 hp Electric motor that boasts 3HP and 4.00 ft./lbs. of torque. Gasoline engine is also an option to be used on this model. The material is fed into a sloped infeed bin and fed into the 10″ diameter 53 lb. chipper drum that acts as a power feed assist system pulling the branches in at up to 50′ per/min. Although the chipper weighs over 340pounds it is perfectly balanced and can be easily moved t othe work site by tipping it back and pushing it around with the included handles.

few features
Of R BC 200


This Wood chipper is designed with considering the problems of moving heavy duty wood chippers to another place. Thus, This machine is equipped with many features but weight 3 times less than heavy wood chippers. The moving handle is also provided with the machine that enables the machine to be moved by single person

2 in one

This bc200 model is compatible of using as a chaff cutter and wood chipper. It can cut both green and dry grass uniformly. These machines are designed with a view to totally eliminate the wastage of fodder. The chopped fodder also becomes more digestible and makes it easier for animals to swallow. These machines are also useful for Dairy Farms, Mushroom Farms & Jute Industries etc. where chopping is required.


Self feeding roller assisted feed in-feed system – discharge output through chute – Easy knife access – Adjustable fixed knive (to achieve proper knife gap) – Safety Reversible lever – heavy duty main shaft bearingsear.

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