R TL 20

RTL 20

RTL 20 MODEL is a chaff cutter with lower machine.This 7 h.p model is having two cutting blades. It can be used with 7 hp  electric motor and  Tractor PTO. The 
Mounted on Steel Legs & Braces, with forged feet, makes the machine easily bolted on the floor.

Renati Chaff cutter

few features
Of r TL 20


This 7 H.P Model can chop the green or dry fodder of Bajra, Jawar, Corn, Barseem, Sugarcane, Paddy, Grass, Groundnut etc in minutes . These machines are also useful for Dairy Farms, Mushroom Farms & Jute Industries etc. where chopping is required

Easy Movable

The Tractor mount links are provided with the machine. That makes it Portable and can be used at different places accordingly. Rev-gear is also provided with the machine which help the user with ease of working.


More Heavy and robust frame is made of iron which can absorb the vibration, made from the PTO. Operation with Tractor and Motor makes it worth to buy for farmers who wants to use the machine in outdoor, where electricity isnt available.

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