R 370 SK


Discover the proven benefits of the R 370 Seed Drill. Specially designed for seeding versatility and simplicity, theR 370 assists in pasture renovation, summer crops, and legumes.

The Renati 370 is designed to the highest of standards and is built with the same great quality RENATI has been committed to for nearly 10 years. From specialised direct drilling to traditional farming applications, the R 370 meets a wide range of grazier and mixed farming needs in cropping and pasture applications.

few features
Of r SK 370


The R 370 calibration tray is mounted inside the seed box and can be quickly deployed to make measuring seed output simple and easy.

fully Adjustable

sowing rate The varibox allows the sowing rate to be easily set anywhere from zero to infinite. Its been a unique feature which works beyond the previous limits.

Easy height adjustment

Renati – Easy manual height adjustment means you can quickly set the seeding depth while in the field without the need for additional tools or complex mechanisms.

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