R HM 50

R HM 50


RB2 MODEL Power Cum Hand Operated Chaff Cutters can be operated on 1.5 / 2 H.P. single phase electric motor and can be operated manually in absence of power. It is mounted on heavy M.S legs and braces with forged feet having holes so that the machine can be properly bolted onto the flooring. The main shaft holds the fly wheel which has two cutting blades and run on two ball bearings and further gives drive to the feed roller. The machine has a rising mouth with a controller by means of springs to accommodate changes in the amount of Chaff being fed. The feed rollers are designed in such a manner that these give slip free motion of the Chaff. The machine is fitted with a separateble mouth piece which can be easily replaced when it wears out. The machine is supplied with feeding chute spanner and Wooden Handle for easier hand operation

few features
Of r HM 50

Color option

This Model is available in various colors. However, it depends upon the availibility of specific color if your order iss less than 30pcs or set.


This series of machine is mainly used for cut dry, green corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, alfalfa, tobacco, sweet potato plants, cotton stalks, thorns, tree bark and other crop stalks,forage grass medicinal materials. Due to the durable parts used in machine, it got no extra maintainance cost


Heavy body and sturdy mount stand gives it an flawless performance. Low Coast Durable & Long Lasting Low Maintinance. Saving Fuel And Time. Good Efficiency

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